Welcome to Kitchen Guides by Edoff Østman. We are celebrating and honouring the art of cooking with a fresh collection of kitchen art. 

First out – French Cuisine – which we think is the mother of all eats. We mix facts, design and beautiful illustrations; all to make your kitchen a tad more stylish. Buy them for yourself or as a gift. You can frame them on your own or let us send them to you in our classy and kitchen-proof frames.


Damn, what is the size of a proper brunoise… and what about that julienne? You can stop stressing out – this Kitchen Guide shows you how it should be made, along with the most common chopping techniques for a proper kitchen chef. It’s not only an essential reference, it will look really fancy in your kitchen as well.


We tried, but you cannot fit all temperatures for all the things you can cook in a Sous Vide in one art piece. So, we picked out the essentials like – Fois Gras, 63 °C Egg and Lamb just to name a few. It’s a stylish graphic that looks perfect next to the legume guide, or all by itself.


Do you remember your first taste of real seafood? At that magical Paris restaurant, with a perfectly chilled bottle of champagne, and the company you shared it with? Le Plateau is the best excuse to use your finger utensils, and it is one perfect component of a memorable meal.


This is the king of sauces. We know, you do have all ingredients and the quantities in your head, but don’t let yourself or anyone else forget the craftsmanship that goes into whipping the yolks with the butter. To show off your skills, this Kitchen Guide is a must…


Did we mention that we are a into meat and cuts? This typographical chart shows the all the different parts of a fillet of beef, from head to tail. This one goes perfectly with a nice béarnaise chart. Get all the details right for a perfect kitchen and a perfect meal.